Technical Level Designer

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Job Description:

Working with the Technical Director, they will be responsible for creating interactive elements, mission logic, and integrating cinematics. This is an on-site position and they will be working with experienced game developers that values quality as well as team collaboration.


We are an equal opportunity employer and diversity is very important to us. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or health.


Script Missions and Objectives which are unique to each level;

Design scripts that add interactive elements to the world;

Assist Level Designers with technical needs for their gameplay designs;

Integrate gameplay cinematics, VFX, and Sound Effects;

Ensure that the level meets all standards for quality and functionality;

Integrating new gameplay mechanics into older levels to ensure consistency.

Job Qualifications:

2-4+ Years of Experience designing levels for video games;

Strong understanding of multiplayer games and design requirements;

Able to resolve technical and design problems;

Experience with visual scripting tools and basic programming logic.


Able to work independently as well as with other team members;

Bilingual with a spoken level of English;

Personal Interest in multiplayer games;

Some level of programming experience is a plus.