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Job Description:

Reporting to the Executive Producer, this is an on-site role where you'll be working as an integral part of the development team. You will be responsible for the project management of an online, multiplayer, live video game. You will manage the process from design through code release by closely tracking and analyzing project schedule and milestone goals.


We are an equal opportunity employer and diversity is very important to us. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or health.


Define and track project to schedule and milestones as assigned;

Identify all task inter-dependencies and coordinate effective use of staff to ensure timely and accurate asset flow;

Provide comprehensive analysis of development tasks to facilitate decisions based on accurate and measurable asset information;

Schedule development milestones and support Executive Producer to ensure final product release dates;

Identify each team member’s talents in order to maximize team performance and ensure efficient milestone completion;

Work with department leads to ensure adequate, efficient and effective project staffing and support Executive Producer to resolve staffing conflicts across the studio;

Distinguish for the team and other departments between high and low priority items, focusing on areas yielding the greatest return and make sound decisions based on what requires a “sense of urgency.”;

Cultivate a harmonious and cohesive team, inspire the cooperation and confidence of others and promote the common purpose of the team.

Job Qualifications:

Minimum of 2 years production experience with one or more complete development cycles in a production role;

At least 1 year of experience as Production Coordinator or Production Manager within game development/production;

Must have shipped at least one game and/or been involved with one project through a complete development cycle;

Demonstrate exceptional organization, communication and management skills;

Must demonstrate working knowledge of hardware and software game industry trends;

Must understand game development pipelines and how tools integrate into the engines;

Working knowledge of asset tracking software.


Experience with Unreal 4 a plus;

Experience with Live Titles, production cycles for patches, updates, and new content/features;

Understanding of SCRUM/Agile and experience in supporting these methodologies;

Demonstrate an ability to handle multiple demands from superiors and coworkers, have strong ability to maintain professionalism with climate changes and display finesse when working under adverse conditions;

Must be self-directed, detail oriented and a problem solver with a burning desire to contribute to a uniquely creative environment;

Must be flexible, receptive and embrace change in a fast-paced environment.