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Job Description:

Working with the Technical Director, they will be responsible for coordinating the programming team to meet the development goals. This is an on-site position and they will be working with experienced game developers that values quality as well as team collaboration.


We are an equal opportunity employer and diversity is very important to us. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or health.


Manage other programmers on the team to assist them in meeting development goals;

Strategize other departments and contribute to planning production timelines and milestones;

Ensure that all code produced by the engineering team meets all best practices and standards;

Mentor less experienced programmers and assist them with their goals and assignments;

Design and implement core gameplay and product features.

Job Qualifications:

6-8+ Years of Professional Programming Experience;

B.S.c Degree in Computer Science or Engineering or equivalent;

Advanced Knowledge with C++ Programming Language;

Experience with managing teams to fulfill production deadlines.


Bilingual with a spoken level of English;

Prior experience with platform integration on Unity or Unreal Engine is a plus;

Personal Interest in multiplayer games.