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Job Description:

Reporting to the Creative Director, this is an on-site role where you'll be working as an integral part of the development team. You will be working with game and level designers to ensure they deliver at a high standard of playability and fun.

While this is generally a hands-off role, we are looking for a person with execution experience who can work in engine. They should have a high level of expertise in formalized 3D world building processes, from planning and paper maps to 3D software implementation in Unreal 4.

A successful Lead Designer will be a hands-on individual contributor with a strong understanding of everything from the fundamentals of game balance and tuning to the social implications of shared gameplay. They will have experience leading other developers to build engaging various game modes and campaigns. They must be able to iterate and refine their level given many different development challenges. The person filling the position should be comfortable with scripting in a visual-based scripting language. The ideal candidate should display strong collaborative skills when working with multiple disciplines including animation, environment art, systems design and engineering.


We are an equal opportunity employer and diversity is very important to us. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or health.


Concept, design and implement fun and engaging game levels from the ground up;

Guide, mentor, and lead the design and development of cutting-edge online experiences;

Document design decisions clearly and communicate to key stake holders;

Broad based understanding about what makes levels and systems fun;

Ability to design and develop level design from concept to finished product;

Experience documenting and tuning game systems.

Job Qualifications:

7+ years of Level Design experience (Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a game development program or similar);

Must have at least one AAA game shipped as a Level Designer, ideally in a Senior or Lead capacity;

Experience developing levels for online experiences;

Leadership experience in guiding design teams;

Experience with 3D level design tools (Unity, Maya, and Unreal). Unreal 4 being a must;

Experience building large levels with a keen eye for system design concepts a plus;

Can easily break down core level design elements and use them when creating combat, puzzle and traversal sections of a level;

Must display evidence of work in portfolio style during interview (level design layouts, block mesh layouts, paper maps, etc);

Mid to advanced experience with common game scripting languages such as Unreal 4 Blueprints;


A great passion and enthusiasm for designing and playing games;

Must be able work in both a creatively collaborative and goal-oriented production environment;

Experience with Live Titles, production cycles for patches, updates, and new content/features.